2010 Issue

Editor’s Note — Cody Staton
A Re-interpretation of zheng ming in the Analects as demanding carefulness
— Chong-Ming Lim, National University of Singapore
Epistemological Humility in Art Theory
— Billy McMahon, Baylor University
Is Translation Really Possible? Or, Shall I Compare Thee to Natsu no Hi?
—Carl M. Johnson, University of Hawai`i

2009 Issue

Editors’ Note — Cody Staton and Justin Downey
The Self-Actualization of God through the Mythological Process
— Alexandra Mersereau, College of the Holy Cross
Zhuangzi, Mysticism, and the Subject
— James Hibbard, DePaul University
Animal Consciousness: Evolution and Our Environment
— Laura Nieman, Loyola University
What Really Happened in Plato’s Lysis
— Alyssa Hennig, Belmont University

2008 Issue

Editor’s Note — Justin Downey
Suicide Is Painless: Naphta, Settembrini, and Jaspers
— Paul Boshears, European Graduate School
The Nazi Exploitation of Nietzschean Philosophy
— Kristina McCracken, University of Hawai`i Hilo
Reflections on Xunzi
— Han-Han Yang, Emory University
Confucianism and Women in the Choson Dynasty
— Sohee Kim, Emory University

2007 Issue

Editor‘s Note — Paul Boshears
Intersubjectivity and Language
— Peter Olen, University of Central Florida
African Concept of Being, with Special Reference to the Concept of Witchcraft and Medicine in Africa
— Ansah Richard, University of Cape Coast
A Japanese Ethics of Double Negation: Watsuji Tetsurô’s Contribution to the Liberal-Communitarian Debate
— Luke Dorsey, Loyola College in Maryland